Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Freshly Roasted Coffee

ZUMO, another coffer roaster/cafe at the edge of the town, where used to be the "Value Vehicle". The KUSH at the front is another good one.


  1. What's the coffee like, Ben? dws~11

  2. Ha ha, somewhat I see that coming from you. I haven't tried yet, but looks good from outside window. There were few people having nice time.

  3. Good one. Makes me want to drink soem coffee.

  4. First thing I noticed was how clean it is, as if there are little men with brooms sweeping away all the dust. So, who has the best coffee - Kush or Zumo?

    Thanks for looking at my blog and your comments.

  5. I love the smell of coffee beans roasting. It's heavenly and only freshly ground beans brewing even comes close.

  6. with the lovely Derek working there it must be great!!!!


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