Saturday, September 26, 2009


Yes, cup-holders on your shopping trolley. A couple of the supermarkets have had coffee counters for a while, but Fresh Choice on Hardy Street now have cup-holders. Me, I'd rather concentrate on the shopping and then sit down to have coffee, but perhaps busy mothers need this. What's your preference?


  1. No, I have not seen cup holders.

    But the supermarkets have holders for the scanner you use to register our groceries. No queuing! You just pay with your card and leave.

  2. If one has no kids along to shop, why not enjoy a leisurely stroll through the store with a cart and a good cup of java?!

  3. A sign of the times mayhaps ... and I really don't think they were designed specifically for me ... dws~11

  4. I just think it's so funny. When I was on the Polytech computer Help Desk, ('98-99) there were a few cases of folk putting cups on the CD drive and complaining they don't hold paper cups very well - many how hadn't seen CDs outside music stores, they were.

  5. BOTH!
    Actually sitting down to enjoy a cup of coffee is a luxurious treat especially if it is shared with a friend and a biscotti.

    However, I love the idea of the cup holder! Several markets now offer free coffee samples and just what do you do with them when they are too hot to drink and you are pushing a basket and loading it at the same time! Last time I remember - it took two hands! And kids - I grew and extra arm for that period of my life! Cup holder would have been most welcome!

  6. Well, then, Pam, you could suggest this "option" to your market?


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