Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Rainy Monday Morning

I had the Suter Cafe all to myself while I waited for my, ummm, mammogram appointment across the street. Gotta do it every two years.


  1. Well done Meg - you've captured a certain ambiance that the Suter Cafe really doesn't possess ... however, I do like it - great place to people watch!
    The last time I was there [for much the same reason as your visit!] I was charged extra for a take-out cup ... dws~11

  2. Not even the breakfast crowd?!?!

    I just found out that maps.google.com has street view capabilities for Nelson, NZ. So cool! Am checking the cross section between Trafalgar and Halifax Street.

  3. No, not this morning. But sometimes it's pretty full before 10am!


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