Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ben, How Are Your Guitar Lessons Coming Along?

Ben got guitar lessons last Christmas. (Well, in March actually.) I've only heard him practice once. (I heard him say "Eh? Eh? Eh?" repeatedly; it's a Christchurch, NZ-based program.)

And because I'm so impatient, he's already got the first of this year's presents last night: a couple of Son House CDs. Talk about music transporting you to another time and place...

Apparently there are 58 days left for shopping before Christmas. But we don't mind early/late pressies!


  1. I hope that's not the guitar he's been using for his lessons...

    And you mean he's going to get more gifts for Christmas? What a lucky guy!

  2. Jacob, the stuff he really wants are so terribly expensive, so I give him little things in dribs and drabs and hope some will hit the spot!


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