Thursday, November 12, 2009

If You Haven't Seen Nelson, You Haven't Seen Paradise

Last Sunday was the kind of a day you think of when you conjure an image for New Zealand Summer. Sunny, breeze, heavenly; people going outside, into their gardens, or garden shops/plant nurseries/hardware stores; onto their bicycles, boats, or just to sit on the beach.

It even got us indoor-types out. For once I shredded my carbon-emission cringe and we splurged on a Sunday drive to Kaiteriteri, on Red with the top down. This is the road just south of Motueka, one of our favorite stretches of road in the region, and one of those places that remind us beauty is all around us at our doorsteps. I would feel a bit better if we had a solar car or another cleaner vehicle, but sometimes you just have to do it.

If you ever visit New Zealand, you have to visit Nelson, and if you make it to Nelson, be sure you have some time to explore Motueka way, Takaka and Golden Bay. There are many, many truly beautiful places all over New Zealand; Nelson and Tasman regions have more than our fare share, but we have the stable, fabulous weather to boot!


  1. Looks like heavenly weather! A lovely drive indeed!

  2. Snap - this is one of my favourite vistas also - just so scenic. It's a pity you can't stop and take a photo ... but this is great - presumably taken 'en route' ... dws~11

  3. What an absolutely amazing road! Water on both sides! I've never seen anything like it. Beautiful!

  4. What about the isolation, the cold winters, short summers, business's closing down, no work, expensive food, limited selection of household goods, small houses, non-existent nightlife etc, etc, etc?
    Lesley Expat Kiwi

  5. Thanks folks. Some days just transcend money worries and small down cringes, eh!


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