Monday, November 16, 2009

JB, Zumo, Bikies

JB, the Prefectionist

We had coffee with JB Saturday morning at Zumo. It was crowded and robust; my resident coffee connoisseur said the coffee was good. Outside, bikies were having their ritual Saturday Morning meeting; I wouldn't be surprised if they are the same bunch that used to meet for breakfast at the late, lamented Saltwater on Saturdays. I'll go shoot them another day; such a nice, mild bunch, I assure you.

See you next Feb, JB and Mrs JB!


  1. Looks like a scene we'd see around here, too!

  2. I'm trying to think what's new about the look of this place, Leif. We have lots of cafes, but since they have food, the seating is a tad more ... roomy and conventional. We also have coffee-only places, but most clients just buy and rush off, so the premises are smaller and the seats after-thoughts. I think this is the big difference. This IS a mainly coffee place, but it's big, and have ample seats.

    It used to be a used car place, and Ben bought his Candy Car here. The inside and the shape of the roof look like it might have been a factory at the start.

  3. the 'red candy car'? hehe...

  4. OK, I admit it. I jumped over from Florida to throw the swatches onto the sign. I thouhgt it dressed it up a bit.

    The coffee shop looks like fun. I hope you know that you are making New Zealand look VERY inviting.

  5. Oh, I'm ROBUST now....
    Think I preferred the "softly spoken sophisticated city slicker" actually

  6. Kerepok, yes, how else would I describe it!

    Frank, you should have done it to ALL the signs in Founders! I love them. Next time, let me know and I'll help!

    JB, ROBUST is for Zumo. I'm sticking to the SSSCS, but I could always revert to the bit I edited out, like a cantankerous curmudgeon... :-{} Great seeing you. Hope you had a great time in Auckland - the guy was on radio actually - and safe journey home!

  7. JB, ROBUST??? Well for an old timer I guess that's a compliment. Just found your blog through JB of all people! Looks like a good time with blog friends. Wish I'd been there too!


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