Saturday, November 07, 2009


Found in the NMIT Library. As someone who fluffed through this very novel to get her BA, I am allowed to roll on the Library floor and laugh hysterically in a fetal position.

But on to the joyous part. Today, in 1994, we arrived at Auckland for the third time as visitors; it was scheduled to be a 9 month stay, Ben going to school to learn English and I to be a woman of leisure. It turned out we never left, except for "visits". And while we miss our friends and family back home, I don't think we'll ever live anywhere else.

It took a further 2 years, 1 month and 12 days before we moved down to Nelson to live.


  1. Your thoughts witty and well illustrated as always, but most importantly celebration is in order. Being happy about a decision made 25 years earlier is really something!
    Congratulations guys!

  2. 15 years, Lachezar, but yes, we are, and we have been. It is indeed relaxed in here, and I can't stand running any more.

  3. Ha! I heard rumours of a woman acting strange in the NMIT library ...
    Neat capture - encapsulates memories and I LOVE the clever title.
    And congrats on the anniversary! dws~11

  4. DWS, I was relatively calm and collected on this occasion, just maturely observing the irony. But yeah, I do get overjoyed discovering great craft and art books there and squeal loud enough to students and staff!

  5. Startle.... startle students and staff...

  6. And Ben just told me he'd never live anywhere else but Nelson. So there you go. NDSP is safe for a while.


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