Monday, December 14, 2009

Fruits of Our Labor

Sorry these photos aren't sharp, but Ben and I had a great time going to a picture framing workshop at Nayland College Community Edification course, taught by one wonderful, lovely, generous tutor, Lance Trolle. It ran for two days, Saturday and Sunday, from the ungodly (to me) hours of 8.30AM to 5PM - well, a bit later than that! Ben went for the complicated double mats and double frames, while I went for simpler frames.

After we came home we looked at all the pieces we made: Ben had four, I had three, plus two small left-over frames, but I didn't reframe my parents' wedding pictures by the TV. We're definitely going back to Lance's class; Ben already has plans, and I'd like to strip and paint moldings we have to go with my textiles and/or frame a mirror.

Lance teaches workshops all over the Nelson and Tasman, and with the new government the cost of workshops will go up, but the charges for material is so low it's still very much worth it. Google "Lance Trolle" or email him if you're interested. Your photos, and other work, will love you!!


  1. looks like all your hard work (and early starts) were productive....impressed

  2. Yeah, it was great fun. I even managed to get Ben enthused about it again.


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