Thursday, December 24, 2009

Season's Greetings

Have a nice and peaceful holiday.


  1. And the same to you and Meg. Classic shot of the Kiwi Pouhutakawa tree flower, love the vibrant colours, great photo :)

  2. Can you believe we have an Australian Bottle Brush plant in Ramsey Park. It's blush pink and I even made a feature of it on the blog.

  3. Just saw it - and it flowers in April? We have two, too, but they are red!

  4. Nothing beats an image of a Pohutukawa flower to acompany greetings for the festive season in New Zeland!
    All the best Meg and Ben, have a great holiday you too and a Happy, Healty and Successful New Year
    Many Cheers from Auckland!

  5. What a difference in geography!

    We DID get a blanket of snow last night but mercifully not as bad as predicted. Neighborhood is eerily quiet with few cars on the street. Driving will be daunting. Going to wend my way down to the neighborhood cafe for some latte, taking some photos as I walk. Just now through the window "in a room of my own" observing some poor motorist trying to manuever the hill to get to an intersection. Neither he nor the garbage truck in front of him will make it. Now they're backing up. Better to walk as I intend to do. Are you thrilled with my description of this winter wonderland?!

  6. Kate, bringing back cold, I mean, old memories!!! Stay warm!!

  7. Merry Christmas, even though its belated.
    Sorry i haven't been by for so long. I'm trying to catch up since I had a nasty virus (computer, that is).


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