Friday, January 15, 2010

Blog day: Best photo of the year 2009

The original image is 46144 x 2135 pixel in size. 21 image stitched into one. It's taken yesterday from the living room.

Originally posted on 10th April, 2009.

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PS. I have many other favourites in last year like marina and some sunsets series. However, this one remind us how much we love this place.


  1. That's awesome, good job!

  2. That's incredible and yes, not difficult to see why you love where you love. Great work!

  3. magnifique ce panorama en plusieurs étapes et très bonne idée de présentation

  4. Ben, this is simply brilliant. I wish we could buy good quality photography like this instead of the insipid postcards that are on offer.
    And to think it's taken from your home ... what a view! dws~11

  5. This is just so awesome!

  6. gorgeous and very interesting how you crated it. well done


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