Sunday, February 21, 2010

Constructing a Website

Motueka Sculptor Tim Wraight and designer/partner Claudia Lacher came to our house yesterday to construct Tim's website.

I've been bugging these two about it since June 06 to get his website up, and it's wonderful to see it finally up and running. It'll be fine-tuned in the next few days, but the gallery is loaded, and you heard it here first:

The city of Eureka, California, one of Nelson's sister cities, is going to install a piece Tim gifted some years ago in a new building, we hear. That'll be exciting, too.


  1. I am sure they were glad to have such a good friend who is also so computer savy.

  2. The best thing is that they like it and exciting about it. It's a priceless to support a friend in and they share and express an same excitement.

  3. wow, what a cool place you have Ben! I like this room a lot, especially the large photo on the wall.

  4. I'm a bit overwhelmed by the Thank You present we got, on top of a fab fab dinner. We were just glad to be on Team TimWraight, really...

  5. Had a look around the website and am impressed. Tim has some great pieces on show in the Gallery section. Good work on the website too. Being a web designer myself I can appreciate the layout, colour scheme and easy navigation styles that have been used. Nice one :)

  6. Oh, thanks, Pete. And the Gallery section shows a mere fraction of his work; we hope he loads other works in due course. He's really someone very special, as is partner Claudia, who does a lot of graphics and photography work for Tim and is a super duper designer/pattern-maker in her own right. Theirs is a model personal/professional partnership, and we're just thrilled to be on Team Tim!

    Next stop is her website but we're not in a hurry as she has a day as well.


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