Friday, February 26, 2010


At Sealevel Studio, Tasman.
I have two different B&W conversion for this.
Here and here.

I promise this is last and moving on.   You must go there and find more of those,. It's fun to search those as well as excellent art work displayed in the gallery. 
I have Tim's latest work, but I need a permission before posting here, so maybe some other time.


  1. Hi Ben, interesting shots. As you may have noticed I'm a bit of a black and white fan but in this case I think this colour version comes out tops. I think the slight colour gives the photo more depth and interest maybe? I can also see how you could get hooked on taking photos of these little guys, very original and amusing. Good stuff! :)

  2. I agree with you, Pete. That probably why I wanted to go back and process it as colour after I did few version of B&W. It bring the point of interest more clearly to the front line.

  3. Ben, I have to say when I first saw a black and white version, I thought it was a reflection shot. Those graphic lines are the stars in the monochrome, while the art pieces are the stars in the color shot. The depth under that main beam is what pulls my eye into the photo, and I find the B&W makes best use of that phenomenon in my vision. . .it can switch back and forth into an illusion of reflection or a straight ahead shot of the scene. Really cool. I like seeing all your photography, so it's good to see both versions and teaches me things.


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