Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wakefield Quay

Last night we had fish and chips with JB and Mrs JB. JB took a picture of a dead bird, so you might see it in Mainz or Away. He was wearing this T-shirt: what do you say to a guy wearing this?

My camera went to the hospital, so NDP will be all Ben's for a while.


  1. A lovely black and white shot - crisp and sharp. Sorry to hear about your camera! They do get sick sometimes. Re: the T-Shirt...I'd say he's my kind of guy!

  2. How fun for the four of you to get together; I'd love to meet all of you! The T-shirt is terrific; no photo of him wearing it? I've yet to see a picture of the man himself!!Incidentally, I think the B&W is perfect for this scene.

  3. Jacob, yeah, and completely Ben's kinda guy!

    JB is here and here, Kate.

  4. Sorry your camera bit the dust Meg. Hope it is back in your hands soon, good as new. This B&W shot is very nice to gaze at. I hope you are enjoying the lovely warm summer. All that light is evident in your shot. I like it a lot.

  5. Kim, you can comment! Great! I sure hope so. It doesn't even have a scratch after 3.5 years, so it better not come back all battered and scarred.


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