Sunday, February 28, 2010


We woke up to Tsunami alert broadcast this morning. Of course the photo was taken a few days ago, and was quite coincidental, but we are expecting some waves in two hours. Because Nelson's coast is away from the open sea, I don't think we'll see anything discernible to the untrained eye, but rest assured we live halfway up a hill. Our thoughts are with you, Chile.


  1. I have just read that the tsunami warning has been canceled in all countries except Japan and Russia. I really hope that even those two get pulled off the list too and that waters all over remain this calm and peaceful.

  2. It has been down graded to advisory from warning. (last time I hard in hour ago)

  3. It certainly looks too peaceful to have a tsunami threatening its shores.

  4. What a wonderful summer waterfront photo! I'm tired of snow and winter . . .


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