Monday, March 22, 2010

Bugs in my house - Pinhole Shot

How we got this? See our previous post about this bug (Artist's site here).
Why I'm posting this bug again?  Well, I run out my stock for one and I was playing with a cheap Chinese made body cap for my Nikon in whole weekend and this is a result.

This photo was taken without any lens but tiny hole.  This is called pinhole photography.
Here is some detail of my DIY pinhole and some experimenting result.


  1. Ben, notice as you had said earlier, that the depth of field is pretty big. That is getting to look pretty neat. I am going to find an extra cap and see how it goes. Think I'll put the metal that has the hole on the inside of the cap though instead of the outside as the guy did.

  2. Ooooo, pretty bug as subject of pin hole camera experiment. . . This turned out so nice! I've only seen B&W pin hole photos before, so it is fun to see what you've done with color. Keep having fun with all these alternative type shots. I'm really enjoying seeing the results!

  3. Thanks!
    Bill, yeah I did put metal in side as well. My case it's pretty much experimenting as It's not quite perfect as laser etched commercial pinhole, but certainly it's fun.

    Kim, I still need to experiment to be exposure right. I usually start with around 10sec and double or half depends on how it goes. My case the contrast is bit problem as well as diffractions that makes image softer.

    I'll back to normal photo, but will be back to those again.


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