Thursday, March 11, 2010

Taken with a toy 5

New corner shop. There used to be a Telecom outlet with is moved to a new bigger place.

5th Anniversary Tribute to Eric of Paris Daily Photo from fellow CDPBloggers.
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  1. Ben, that turned out very cool! I love the effect. Was this a film camera?

  2. It takes normal 25mm film and default to portrait format. It's a toy twin lens Reflex.
    Pic of camera is on the first post of this series or facebook page.

  3. Very interesting conversion. Was it a fisheye?

  4. It's toy camera with plastic lens. So, it focus on centre but the corner is very much burly but no distortion like Fisheye as it not a wide-angle.

    It just come like this no special conversion just a scan from film and level and contrast adjustment.

  5. A very creative interpretation, plus I love the way you play with your toy camera! Great image Ben!

  6. Now that I have read the previous comments I think I can grasp what you have tried to do here. The effect is very atmospheric for such a tinny little camera.

    Good tribute.

  7. I think that I need to learn a bit more about other techniques of photography.

  8. This is just great, Ben - dws~11


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