Saturday, March 13, 2010

Taken with a toy 7

Bikes and bikes.


  1. Wow, these keep getting better. Really love this one.

  2. Your toy series are great, Ben. Just love the effect dws~11

  3. Me gusta el efecto que le pones a las fotos. Haces que la imagen resalta aún más. Son bellas, sigue así. Tienes un punto de vista diferente, me agrada.


  4. That plastic lens makes a dreamy quality to the pictures. Interest effect. I like the New Zealand School Fisheries building the very best ... I'm guessing low contrast scenes may work the best with this camera?

  5. Thanks all!
    It's fun and what best is unknown unexpected factor.
    I have no control for exposure and hand winding of the film advance some what not consistent.

    Re scene, it may deepens of what film I put in. Those are a normal ISO200 35mm negatives (Kodak brand).
    After scanning from film, we can do anything as per digital image.
    Only strong characteristics I noticed is relatively sharp enter and burred surrounding.
    Very interesting indeed, and fun.

  6. The camera does this jumble of bikes justice!

    Ben, I'm interested to know what you scan the film on? How do you process the film? Can you refer me to a book or article that might help me understand better? Thanks,
    (Whose bought her kid one of these toy cameras a couple years ago and would now like to try it herself :-). )

  7. Kim,
    Comes to film processing, I'm asking to local shop. I decided to do the scan by myself.
    If it's toy camera and not much control just take a shot and enjoy the surprising factor. No worries if it comes out not so good, it's a toy camera after all. Just relax and snap away.

    on my facebook page


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