Sunday, April 25, 2010

2 Precious 2 Mine - Nelson March

Protesting march at yesterday in central Nelson against our government (National Party) is trying to allow a mining at our national park. (Hands off National! It's 2 precious 2 mine!)

700 strong Nelsonians gathered and marched to show our passion to protect precious resource of our nature.  Those placards says it all! 

More photos at Flicker.

Support site here


  1. Oh, I hope that the marchers and protestors are successful; mining seems to mar the land...and in a park?!

  2. Good on you guys!
    I'm not happy about that either.
    Once it is allowed in one park others will follow - Like the Great Barrier, Coromandel etc - and will be no stopping.
    Hope National listens

  3. Mining in a National Park. That sounds like a very bad idea. I hope you will be able to stop it.

  4. Our currently prime minister is also the tourist minister, and an ex-futures trader or some such. And tourism, needless to say, is HUGE earner for NZ. I hate short-sightedness and greed. These last few months, I wake up to the news wondering if New Zealand is still a democracy.


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