Thursday, April 08, 2010

Paul's Toy

1973 Morrie Minor, with a working heater and radio. Since Ben and I have lots of teeth problems, and since Paul is our dentist, we thought we probably paid for the smart looking rear-view mirrors. At least a couple of hub caps?

Gosh, it's cute; even I can see that.


  1. A cool ride.

    I can never figure out why people sometimes remove the license plate for a photo.

  2. Out of habit, I suppose. Privacy, in case someone was not supposed to be somewhere, though this was in Paul's work parking lot, and I said who he is, so it doesn't make sense, I know.

  3. A worthwhile contribution towards this beautiful truck! Cheers Meg!

  4. I wouldn't mind having this little "toy" to buzz around town!

    Ps. I've been travelling back to Mn. the past few days without ready access to the internet; therefore I haven't been commenting very much. I'm still posting from Santa Fe since I scheduled it before we left. Hope to be back soon!

  5. Have you checked out the guy in Mot with the yard full of Morrie 1000s? Down the road with KT F&C on the right behind a big shed

  6. I wonder if that's the guy that used to own the garage in Wakefield? We used to love driving past that place. I think Paul might know.


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