Tuesday, April 13, 2010

When in ROME

Finally went this Italian restaurant for lunch.  I had a very good pizza with a thin crust as I like.


  1. hi..

    nice pic...

    btw. may i know which blog template do you use. coz you have a large pic. mine is small. you can visit mine at klipis.blogspot.com


  2. Ta.
    Re: template, I have manually modified. but you can use one of those stretchy template and new post editor to select x-large pic.

  3. hi again,
    i've tried those strecthy template. but my pics(the colours) seem don't look very sharp.

    what size do you use for your pics?

    i'm using nikon d3000 (and a beginner in photography too). have to learn more on shooting photos.. :)

    tqvm for ur advice...

  4. Upload your image larger than 640pixel in longer side. If you have switched to the new editor in blogger setting, so that now and use x-large for the size I'm using.


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