Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Plan B

And this is Plan B that's at the bookshop now. Ben had some fun photographing it, while I test drove Plan A as a collar at a girl's only Potluck dinner on Sunday.


  1. It looks like it's suspended in space.

  2. I used multiple flash light and white background for this one. This is me experimenting high-key shot.

  3. This is AWESOME Meg! I love it....but how does it fit over a teapot? And I'm going to write about IT now I think....have searched for the other pic...all over the place and can't find it, so...there you go!

  4. Ha ha, Kath, it's "art", man. It's just two skeins of yarns wrapped around my plunger, so yes, you can take it off, and then wrap it around again, but it's utterly impractical.


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