Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Plan A

It's like this. Our local bookshop Page and Blackmore is hosting a Really Wild Tea Cosy competition. So I carded, spun and began to knit a tea cosy. It was my first time carding, first time completing spinning to create passable skeins, and my first ever knitting project.

Well, the tea cosy got bigger and bigger, and it was knitting about twice as wide as it was supposed to be, so I had to come up with Plan B, which I'm delivering to the bookshop right about now.

This thing, though, is made of delicious merino, so I'm either going to wear it as a collar/cowl, or close the top end and make it into a wee hat.


  1. The hat design is the winner, I think. The colours are splendid together.

  2. Yay for your tea cosy.
    But mostly yay for your glorious photographs.

    You make Nelson look the prettiest place.

  3. Grand Purl Baa, you do realize that we are all fighting for your very book! One person wins a free copy from Pages!!!

    And Noosa isn't bad, either, wouldn't you say?

  4. I think a cowl/collar is the thing Meg - it'll look cool! Quite funny though that it was s'posed to be a tea cosy!

  5. It's now my thinking hat - perfect for my cold house, Kath. Did I not show it to you last week?


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