Sunday, May 23, 2010

Veges and...

Two paper bags are mushrooms and plastic bag in middle is beans.  It's getting cooler and I would like a nice hot soup.  I have a beacon ends in fridge. 


  1. Garlic, cream and three mushrooms sauce by me, home made pasta by Ben, sometime this week, because I'm going to a pot luck with the girls tonight.

    Pumpkin and garlic soup another night, with big chunks of other veggies. Life is good!

  2. Lovely vegs! And row of lovely photos in autumnly colors. Gorgeous.

  3. Hot soup is the order of the day in Auckland too! Very similar to our vege shopping this weekend! Just add kumara, leak and butternut...

  4. There are courgettes, small kumuras hidden under the spring onion. Some other basics are already in stock. It was good soup, little spicy as I used a tea spoon of paprika and some bacon, onion and garlic for base.


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