Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mediterranean Cafe Bar - Cafe Olive


  1. I love the sun in this. It reminds me of where I grew up in SoCal. Super B&W treatment of this scene. Love it1

  2. So, did you try their cuisine?

  3. We went there for lunch, today.
    It was great as usual.
    We kind know the owner of this place and they are fantastic people.

  4. Hi, Ben! Your picture reminds me: been there, done that. On a nice and sunny saturday in february 2005. Many, many ex-german dropouts in selfknitted socks on the nearby market, but otherwise a lovely town, Nelson. Relaxed atmosphere, beautifully situated, nice parks and gardens like Queen's or Miyazu and nearby funny WOW museum. Would like to get an opportunity to come back some time.
    A few impressions of my trip to the North Island in 2007 here:


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