Monday, July 19, 2010


Since I started working at home some years ago, one of the things I've tried to do is to not waste food, although there is half a red cabbage in the drawer at bottom right which has resided in the spot a tad too long. But we have our priorities right; we are always on standby to celebrate anything.


  1. The cupboard is bare indeed! Are you two kids doing okay? Need a helping hand? Just let me know!! PS. What's the vintage?

  2. This is the way I like my fridge to look in between grocery shopping, Kate, but doesn't happen too often. I need to make this week's grocery list, but Ben plays by ear at the Veggie shop.

    Vintage? It doesn't even say!

  3. haha great to see you have your priorities in order lol, nice shot :)

  4. Yes, of course! And we had a bit of Whittaker's Madagascar leftover, so life is good, Pete.


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