Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Playing with film camera...


  1. Are these from your garden? They are gorgeous. I especially love the soft, furry leaves and the beautiful scent of the flowers.

  2. They were pruned really really hard this week, against Ben's will, to promote grown closer to the main stems because they were getting much too leggy, Ming. They look pathetic now, but by Christmas or thereabout, they'll be bushy and gorgeous again, and then what's left hanging over the retaining wall can be cut back without me making Ben cry.

  3. Film! Actual film. Love lavender. Versatile plant. Lovely soft focus background.

  4. Yes, actual film. Not a professional film as I was testing my spare Nikon F4s which I bought cheep for parts. It turns out perfectly working opposed to the seller saying some problem. I might sell that for benefit(???).
    Not bad, yeah?


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