Monday, October 11, 2010


It's almost the middle of October, and the last, 4th school term of the year starts today. And we have a fresh dump of snow over the hills. Southerlies, (wind from the south which is the cold one for us) is gong to blow today, but through gritted teeth I still insist it's much warmer than last year, as I head outside to meddle in the garden. Brrr....


  1. Just had a look at City Council webcam. Nice view of the snow aswell.
    Last school term used to mean summer uniform ie cold legs.
    Geoff (west Aus)

  2. The wind was refreshing, as it turned out, not very cold, Geoff.

  3. What? Snow? Now I am confused. Don't do that to a woman who has returned to her alter ego.


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