Tuesday, November 23, 2010

First Harvest

Almost two months ago I bought 4 baby strawberry plants, but they were growing so slowly I got a bigger one and plonked that in the middle of the same tub.  Even that one is growing tentatively, so I think Ben and I have to move the tub to a slightly sunnier spot in our not-very-sunny garden.

Anyway, we had our first harvest this morning.  Not very sweet, but fresh and a little tangy.  The longer one measured just a little shorter than 2cm.


  1. I thought strawberries don't like direct sunlight. But then again, what do I know about gardening.

    Congratulations on the harvest.

  2. Good point, you might be right. I need to check. Good thing I 'm slow to get moving...

  3. My sister grows them here in Perth. They get morning sun. Bit hotter over here.Try a different breed next time.My sisters are sweet as, not watery like the shop bought.

  4. Yes, yes, the flavor tasted very "tight". Undiluted. It was wonderful.


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