Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Bunny Leaps Over Waimea Inlet

Saturday evening.  He's a bunny because I say so.  Ahem!

As of about 12 minutes ago, we were supposed to get hit by two previously-named but subsequently-downgraded tropical storms.  We have a good view to the West and Southwest from our living room so I was really looking forward to these, but so far, it's just steady rain, not even heavy.  I'm readddddy!!!


  1. Superman. Left arm forward. Cape at the back. Stretched because he's going so fast.

  2. That is definitely a bunny Meg! Nice shot :)


  3. Geoff, is that what you want to be when you grow up? :->

    Why, thank you, Pete! (I heard something funny about Hamilton today on Nat Rad and was going to ask you about it but forgot... Maybe it'll come back to me.)

  4. Salmon? I don't know what your salmon looks like, but mine come in fillets, or halves without heads nor tails, so I cannot possibly comment.


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