Monday, January 17, 2011

New / Old / New-Old

Ben bought this Holga 60mm lens thing and had been going on about a new photographic experiment on the weekend. It took me a while to understand the fuss/fun, but I did a little experimentation of my own shooting a weaving sample.
I enjoyed the very personal involvement of making a picture.

The setup. Ben was lighting a small flashlight from bottom right of the this picture.

Have a look a Ben's write-up on his facebook page here and here. He is also starting some series posting at another blog and here in Nelson Daily Photo.


  1. I guess someone is crafty in your home - a weaver apparently! I'll have a knitting post on my blog later this week!
    Warm regards from cold and snowy EAGAN daily photo

  2. Is your involvement going to be some competition for Ben's photo blog??!

    It is quite addicting, isn't it?!

  3. Leif, you knit?

    Betty, not sure what you mean. We started this together, but I've been leaving it to Ben because I'd rather spend time on the loom.


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