Wednesday, January 05, 2011


We managed to be there (berry picking place) one more time, but different farm this time. Then, we went another to buy frozen mix for jam and ended up picking strawberry as well.

You can easily pick container full like this. This is a 2l ice cream tab.


  1. Wouldn't have been the "Don't step over the rows/Pay for your fruit before you eat it/Don't park here/Report to office first" place across the swing-bridge in Braeburn would it?

  2. Not sure which one this is, but we go to Berryland most often, Daelyn sometimes. This year, Berryland's plants look hideous but the what fruits they got are delish; boysenberries not as mind-blowing as last year. Daelyn's plants look healthier, and the berries look beautiful, but they lack the intensity of flavor.

    I heard about the "no eating" place.

  3. We call them hallon. They sure are tasty.


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