Friday, February 25, 2011

Petrol Price

I'm not sure this was scheduled before the EQ or not, but the petrol price finally brake the $2 line yesterday.


  1. $2 per liter?! The BP just up the street from my office says about $3.14 per GALLOON....

  2. $2.029/Litter = $7.68/Galloon and this is NZ$.
    According to my bank's exchange calculator, it is US$5.69/G.

  3. Ouch!Read somewhere $200+ for a barrel of oil soon.(Its $100 now) Every dollar it goes up = 1c on the pump price. So $3.00 litre (not liter as in kitty litter)
    Sorry for the pedantry. Haven't worked out what a "galloon" is yet.
    Have you still got that little red car?Save fuel and leave it at the bottom of the hill and walk home. No?

  4. Yes. that's my daily one now opposed to 3L/V6 SUV which is used for moving large luggage or long trip to somewhere on the road or off the road. (I can not do that often as I like to do.)

  5. I think ours here in the UK broke through the £6 per gallon barrier at some garages this last week. I know it is a point of discussion whenever anyone fills up, it came up this evening when I was over at friends. Paul @ Leeds daily photo

  6. $2.089/L today at BP.


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