Monday, February 21, 2011

Step Away from the Screen

It's not your eyes, nor your screen.  It's my pic that's a little tentative on the focus.

Ever since we went to Brian Brake's Exhibition in Wellington in January, I've been wanting to get back to some film photography, especially because I have a lovely little macro lens.  So I shot a roll of anything I fancied in my stash room, and it was a.... hilarious experience. I had forgotten that:

1) Unless I have a zoom attached, which I didn't, the lens stays at one length, 50mm;
2) I have to wind after every shot;
3) I have to check the meter before every shot and change the shutter speed or the aperture if need be;
4) If I have the object in focus but have to do 2) and/or 3), I need to check the focus again.
5) That a roll of 24 shots is going to give me, at best, around 26 shots, not the gazillion like my digital.

The stash room was dark, my film was only ASA200, (but I grew up with ASA100, so I thought it was sufficient,) the macro lens is not a particularly fast (aperture) lens, and I couldn't hold the camera as steadily nor stand as still as I used to. The only thing that came back right away was my strange way of fine-tuning the focus with both my forefingers while holding the camera steadily.

Now if I remember what I learned when I was 13, the pink overtone is due to underexposure, but I didn't want to open the aperture any more, and I was shooting at 1/4 and 1/8 secs.  Next time, ASA400.  Or outside.


  1. Interesting thoughts about non digital photographie. That was realy hard work, I remember.
    Nice color shot.

  2. Yeah, so many things I don't think about any more, but didn't have to think about way, way back when.

  3. I really like the image, a work of art that leaves you guessing what it is about. Very clever, no matter how you achieved it.

  4. Love, love, love the colors! So you mention the pink overtone and I'm wondering what the true colorway for this piece might look like to the naked eye. I like the effect of your shot and hope you continue to have some fun shooting film. A lot of folks who have been exclusively shooting digital here in Seattle, people who had sold all their darkroom equipment to purchase their digital equipment, have now gone back to film like gangbusters and are trying to rebuild their dark rooms. Maybe it is like computer generated typefaces. . . Our eyes seem to love hand rendered text now for all its imperfections and artistry over technology. Film does that for us, too. So do LPs instead of MP3s to our ears. I like your shot a lot!


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