Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Theatre Royal

I think I did not uploaded the photo after they fully restored the theatre including this veranda.

Many of you have heard about the earthquake in Christchurch yesterday. Though the news coverage said it was felt from Invercargill at the bottom of the South Island to Hamilton halfway up the North Island, strangely neither of us felt anything in Nelson.  Life is as usual for us, thank you for asking, though it feels almost wrong to be going about our normal life.

This one, unlike the September 4 quake or the big Boxing Day shock, has been devastating in the number of hurt and deceased people.  Please keep New Zealand's Cantabrians and their families and friends in your thoughts.


  1. We're getting good coverage here in Aus on TV. So sad to see.Waiting to hear what my cousin will do. Says her house is a write off.

  2. I'm sending out warm thoughts and prayers for your neighbors in Christchurch. I'm thankful you're alright. *warm hugs from Texas*

  3. Geoff, all the best to your cousin.

    Rita, thanks again. We must stop "meeting" like this, tho! :->


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