Sunday, February 20, 2011

This is Where it Started

In New Zealand, there is a government insurance scheme called ACC, Accident Compensation Corporation. In short, it provides free/inexpensive medical coverage if you are in an accident.  People have all kinds of opinions about its policies, but in all, it's a great scheme allowing people who have been hurt to fill in a simple (for what it does, it's really simple) form and get medical treatment immediately.  I understand it was established to prevent needless and slow law suits, and supposedly incidents covered by ACC cannot be brought to court as well; New Zealand didn't use to be a litigious society, but that seems to be changing.

Our local MP (senator/congressman) is currently also the ACC minister, and he realized ACC was paying an overly large rent to their new premise into which the offices moved a couple of years ago.  This led to an inquiry that resulted in a staff being caught accepting bribe, including a trip to the Singapore Grand Pris.

I remember taking a picture of this building when the ACC sign went up, being astonished because ACC was not doing well financially and daily we heard about what additional items were being cut from its policies, and the government overall had already started cutting back on its own spending.  Well, there you go.


  1. Interesting story, funny though I always thought people from NZ were beyond all of this worldly stuff.
    Mind you here in the UK there are several members of both the upper (lords) and the lower (MPs) house in court at present for being overly free with our money.


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