Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yeah, Right.

Clearly you didn't venture down the driveway! About one-third of the couriers don't bother actually coming to our house for whatever reasons; steep driveway, too many houses down the driveway, or is it our messy garden? I once waited all day gardening because Ben was waiting for something important, I had a handyman on alert, too, as he worked, and when we got the card to say we weren't home, I rang only to be yelled at because the driver "knew your bit of C Street very well", and refused to deliver. We had another who kept signing "signature required" stuff "Robin" on our behalf and leaving them outside.  Others leave stuff in the drenching rain.

But two-thirds of them do great. 


  1. Oh Meg, that is so frustrating! Makes you wonder why they run a courier business. I remember the days when Wellington had garbage collectors that came to the house to collect the trash - up steep, steep accessways - but the newer generations do not have the stamina these days! LesleyExpatKiwi

  2. Lesley, LOL. Ben chauffeurs the rubbish up our driveway!


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