Monday, July 25, 2011

Cold Spell

I wish I took this picture right after I got up, instead of an hour later, having started the fire, spoken to the plumber, (major leak problem outside) and such this morning.  When the surrounding was darker, the snow was shining and the hills even more dramatic.

I can't remember seeing snow this low, but I've just been informed by someone who was in Motueka this morning that the snow is right down to sea level in Mot, a first in 36 years!

It has been cold this morning, but what with plumber and rushing in and out to bring more firewood inside, (we now have four days' worth inside, I think,) I haven't felt too cold just yet.


  1. The last few days one has been unable to click the main photo to enlarge; is that intentional?

    Bit of a shame; (for example) can't really appreciate today's mountain panorama in it's smaller form.

  2. Unfortunately our photos have been "unclickable" for a long time, unless I forget and Ben fixes it. It is intentional. :-(


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