Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Enactment of the First Game of Rugby in New Zealand

This is a first for Nelson Daily Photo in 5+ years of posting.  This photo was not taken by either of us, but by an unknown gentlemen seated at the back row of the VIP bleacher.

The very first Rugby game was reenacted at the Botanic Reserve yesterday.  By the time yours truly arrived at the Reserve, after seeing the Haka on the Cathedral Steps in yesterday's post, suffice it to say there was standing room only without the requisite connection/invitation to certain areas.  After circling around the field twice, I didn't see much other than back of pants, shirts and heads.  So I asked a gent to take a few shots to show the atmosphere of the place.

More information here and here.


  1. Sports fanatics can be weird sometimes.

  2. Yes, but in NZ, rugby is not sports. It's our national religion and identity, Steffe! :-)


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