Saturday, October 01, 2011

Theme day: Mystery Object - All Black Ukus

In Nelson, it's Wallabies (Australia) vs Russia this afternoon.  I'll be about 500m away installing a textile exhibition. 

Oh, and the #13 abs? Read about it here; the original torn shirt is being sold for charity.

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  1. Good one Meg!
    I like the All Blacks guitars, as for SBW... We could hear the whistling all the way from Eden Park...

  2. You live near Eden Park?? Today I was installing someone else's exhibition, and we could hear the roaring from Wallabies vs. Russia in the gallery.

  3. Hi Meg, there's a surprise for you at AntiguaDailyPhoto as part of the theme day, well, maybe not a surprise... you see for yourself. ;-)


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