Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bird Watching

This morning I watched, for nearly 90 minutes, this one ill-coordinated wax eye trying to eat an unripe fig. It just couldn't seem to get a grip of the fruit or leaf,slipped and slid, and the nearby branch seems a tad too far away. This one is mean even for a wax eye, and not only chased away anyone that came anywhere near the said fig, but I've actually witnessed this one staring down wax eyes, sometimes all puffed up, sometimes spreading its wings to scare others away. Riveting stuff! It sat sadly by common sparrows later, though, so it knew its limits. 

The only worry is, birds this year are not waiting for the figs to ripen, which tells me there may not be enough food out there.

Yellow was the mean one, and every so slightly smaller than the others. Pink was one of many who came and started eating with no problem balancing, and was stared down.

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