Friday, January 04, 2013

Not Shallots

Books and mags tell me to dig up the garlic when the tips of the shoots turn brown. Well, some were ready, some seem too tiny, so I dug up about one third yesterday. Still, the first time in ten years of trying that I actually got "many" (i.e. more than one) garlic shoots from cloves from half a dozen bulbs! And, lo, the shallots are not shallots but baby brown onions, and they are not even the ones with tall flowers from yesterday.


  1. I am a book kind of guy and its great for some things. Nothing quite like practical hands on experience. I would not fancy brain surgery from a guy who had once read a book on the subject!

  2. I read more than I do things, so when theories don't match real life, I am taken aback, a little. On the other hand, our gardening is so hit-and-miss-big-time that... in some ways nothing surprises us any more.
    Even without our small property there is such a variety of micro-climates. All this adds up to us feeling lucky if things proceed according to plan; not too disappointing when we fail. :D


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