Thursday, February 18, 2016


This was from few days before rain is starting.  A cosmos in the back yard whcih was swinging little in the light wind. 

We had some good amount of rain (well, too much in some area) and quite bit of wind (bit gusty) in last couple of days.  And it looks like continue few more...

Good part is lot cooler than before. 

A bit of gear geek talk here.

I picked up this old manual focus lens ( Olympus OM Zuiko 35mm F2.8 , if you must know) and play around.

It was looked sharp on the screen at the back of camera, but I cannot get really sharp photo from this particular lens if wide open.   So... I treat it as a soft focus lens.   Other people in the photography forum world has reporting same thing.  So maybe the Zuiko 35mm was not quite sharp as other focal length Zuiko in the series. Who knows? 

I still love it, if I remember what to expect.

Have fun shooting!

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