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Pool Design Options for Properties

When a person is looking to have a pool installed on their property they can go for the traditional design or they can go for a unique pool design by phbalancedpool.com. There are a number of different design options to make the pool really stand out. There are different categories when it comes to pool design.

Classic Design

This symmetrical design has been around for a number of years. This pool design dates back to ancient Greece. These pool designs show some of the best architecture and are the traditional shape that many people are used to.

Angled Walls

pool designThis pool style is an interesting design and is in more of a square or a rectangle shape. The pool is in a geometric shape and has angled walls to give it a clean look. This will provide a different feel to the yard and give it an elegant touch.

When looking at a pool design there are some things to keep in mind. The purpose of the pool can have a big influence on the shape and the design. If the pool is going to be used for fitness purposes length is something that people should focus on. If the pool is going to be used for relaxation or recreation than it can have more functional designs. If the pool is going to be used for entertainment purposes then it should be able to accommodate a large group of people. A family with children will also want to keep safety in mind when designing the pool. They will need to watch out for sharp edges and steep drops especially if they have small children. There are some others things to keep in mind as well such as maintenance considerations and if there is enough space in the yard for that particular style and design. The costs of installation and the cost of upkeep will also play a role in the design and shape of the pool.

Freeform Pool Designs

pool designThese designs can cover a number of different shapes including curves and even free form designs. The curves of the pool will allow the person to add some waterfalls and even curved patios. There could be a number of walkways and even areas for slides.

These are just some unique pool designs that can be used to make a yard look great. These pools are functional and will give the yard a great look.