Pool owners tips

Common Issues for Pool Owners

When a person has a pool there are some common issues that they may run into. Instead of calling a repairman right away, there are some troubleshooting tips that a person should try to fix the pool.

A person should backwash their pool to remove any kind of debris that is stuck in the filter. This will also improve the flow of water through the filter to make it fun more efficiently. Some people tend to have pool pump problems. Flow may not immediately increase and the pressure in the tank may still be a little higher than usual. To fix this problem a person should try to backwash the pool again. Before doing so they should check the filter to remove any hair or larger debris that may have gotten stuck.

Another problem with the pool can be an issue with the caulking. This is used to create a waterproof seal to keep water from getting into the joints and causing damage. If the caulk becomes thin then this can create a problem. A quick solution recommended by Brigette Peterson for this is to remove the old caulking and to apply new caulk to the joint. Before adding water the caulk should be given a chance to dry.

These are just some common issues that people have with their pools. Before calling the repair person to come and fix it a person can try these solutions to repair common problems with the pool.