Pool cleaning tips

Pool Cleaning Tips

If a person has a pool in their yard they need to keep it properly maintained with the help of pool repair Gilbert AZ. No one will want to swim in a pool that is dirty and working properly. There are some pool cleaning tips that will help make sure the pool is properly clean and cared for.

Clean the Filters

pool cleaningEvery couple of months or after a storm be sure to clean out the filters. Experts recommend that they should be cleaned every four to six months. Filters that are dirty should be soaked in a solution of muriatic acid or trisodium phosphate. Be sure to wear protective covering to make sure a person does not become injured. Rinse out the filter before putting it back in the pool.

Monitor the Water

Be sure to check the water levels and adjust them as needed. The water should be checked once a month to make sure there is enough water in the pool filter to run properly. If there is not enough water in the pool or if there is too much this can cause a number of problems.

These are just some things that a person should do to care for their pool. Taking care of the pool is an important job and will help keep the pool running for years to come.